BURUNDI: Judge in Bujumbura calls media director to court

A judge in Bujumbura called Iwacu director Antoine Kaburahe to court in regards to his alleged connection to the military coup attempt of 13 May.

In response, Iwacu put out a statement saying it has respected Burundian law and has operated ethically throughout the eight years it has been in operation.

It added that Kaburahe felt it necessary to go to court to respond to the legal injunction.

His lawyer, Lambert Nsabimana, told RFI that Kaburahe has a clear conscience:

“He was very calm [in court] because he is guilty of nothing, he had no part in anything.

“As for the police interrogation, it is difficult to tell whether he is accused of acts committed by the groups or acts committed by himself. […] But there appears to be no link between him and the coup d’etat.”

Kaburahe’s court appearance came in the context of continuing political unrest in the Burundian capital. At least four people died in gunfire and explosions overnight on Sunday. According to national radio, the residence of Bujumbura mayor Freddy Mbonimpa was attacked about midnight, without giving any details of casualties. 

Source: rfi afrique