: African press review 6 February 2016

Kenyan paper The Standard reports on the country’s Supreme Court this morning and the fact it could be “brought down” by a judicial battle. Here is what’s going on: the commission Friday “cleared the way for suspension and investigation of Justice Philip Tunoi over a multi-million shilling bribery claim”.

“Tunoi is Kenya’s most senior judge and arguably carries the hopes, aspirations and the reputation of not only the Supreme Court but the entire Judiciary” explains The Standard. What’s more, “the bribery allegations against him are in relation to a case in which the entire bench of the Supreme Court […] sat and ruled”.

Kenyan President Uhurru Kenyatta now has 14 days to appoint a tribunal where the petitioner and the accused will be heard. If Tunoi is found guilty he will be removed from the court.

And that, according to The Standard, would be especially bad for the Supreme Court, given that it’s already under fire for other cases.

Regional paper The East African has an article about a man who was “sucked out of a plane”.

By itself, this is strange, but there’s more: the man may have been a suicide bomber – according to The East African, press agency Reuters says a bang that was “heard inside the plane could be related to a terror act”.

“A mysterious blast inside the airplane that ripped a hole in the fuselage through which the dead passenger was sucked out” adds the paper.

Here’s what we know: the dead man was a 55 year old from Somaliland. The incident took place minutes after a Djibouti bound flight took off from the Mogadishu airport.Two other passengers “suffered minor injuries”. The Somalian authorities are said to be investigating the matter.

South Africa’s Business Day looks at how “low life expectency drags down the country in the human development index”.


The paper is talking about the 2015 Human Development Index, which was presented this week by the UN. South Africa lost a few place in the ranking, and according to Business Day, that’s to be blamed on the country’s life expectancy of 57.4 years.

According to the paper, South Africa ranks third in the  “medium human development category” and “is one the two lowest-ranking members of the five emerging economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China”.

Life expectency is not the only thing  being taken into account by the index: there’s also the case of “inequality, gender development, gender inequality, poverty and education”. On the last thing, South Africa is doing better, “with the number of years spent in school increasing by five years between 1980 and 2014″.

The country’s GDP has also increased by 11.8% in 34 years.

Finally, in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari is under fire for taking holidays according to today’s Punch.

Buhari started a trip to Europe a few days ago, and is giving a speech in front of the EU parliament.

But according to the paper, it appears that while some of its aides have gone back to Nigeria, Buhari is still in London. The Nigerian president is expected “back on duty” in 4 days.

Asked why he was staying in Europe, Buhari defended by saying “his doctors were based in England” – not very practical in case of emergency if you ask us.

Source: rfi afrique